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Schools across the globe use SignEasy to eSign swiftly and smoothly

SignEasy gives your school contactless eSignature solutions for parental permissions, COVID-19 waivers, contract signings, expenses, payroll signatures, and more. Teachers, administrators, and students alike love SignEasy for its unique blend of user-friendliness and powerful features.

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Here’s how SignEasy can earn you an A+ in document processing

SignEasy takes the hassle out of filing paperwork so you can focus on shaping young minds and bright futures. Sign, fill, and send documents for signature on mobile or desktop in record time!

Sign internal school documents 

Significantly reduce processing times for paperwork-heavy tasks like contracts, expenses and time-off requests. Track each document’s progress and send helpful reminders when needed. 

Improve the parent-teacher relationship by taking your paperwork online and facilitating fast sign-offs on consent forms, approvals, and more. Parents can sign documents on the go with the SignEasy iOS or Android app. 

Communicate effectively with parents 

Human resources

Staff recruitment and performance reviews can create mountains of paperwork. Give your teachers a break by taking your document workflows online: send files out for signature using SignEasy and get them signed within minutes.

Manage your vendor agreements, invoice processing, and purchase orders online. With  SignEasy, you can eSign, save, and manage documents in a single location.

Procurement and finance

Become a paperless academic institution

Avoid errors

Guide signers through a document by highlighting required fields

Spend less on paper

Save money on each document as you go paperless

Speed things up

Get approvals and sign-offs faster than ever

Reduce your carbon footprint

Go paperless, reduce consumption and waste

Read what other schools are saying about SignEasy

Premier educational institutes including Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell University have used
SignEasy to optimize their document workflows.

Stewart Jesse

“It takes 30 seconds to one minute to complete the process [of approving staff leave requests ],
and there is an electronic record instead of a piece of paper that can get lost while being passed  around.”

"SignEasy helped our study team reduce the burden of paper forms and organize our study
documents more efficiently. It was extremely user-friendly and easy to use on the go."

Sara Grossman

When they were unable to obtain in-person confirmations from teachers regarding their
availability for online sessions during lockdown, the school used SignEasy to secure
e-confirmations in a quick and effective manner.

This school was having trouble getting Individualized Education Program (IEP) documents  approved by guardians remotely. Within minutes of registering for SignEasy, the school was  able to send the documents to parents, and received eSignatures immediately!

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How can educational institutions benefit from eSignatures?

SignEasy enables touchless contracts for educational institutions.

University of Pennsylvania's Prevention Research Center uses SignEasy.

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